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Shields can be used to directly defend against attacks, instead of relying upon Armour's specific bodily points of defense.


Currently, only wooden Shields can be crafted, all other shields must be found as Loot within Cave Structures and chests scattered about the Overworld.


Shields are a more direct form of defense, allowing users to use their hands to defend against certain weak points of their body, whether they simply lack Armour or are often targeted by the enemy. They may also be used to catch or deflect ranged attacks from enemies such as Archery or Wyrms. All types of shields block all damage, if the player manages to deflect the attack. For this reason, larger shields are usually better since it is easier to block with.


There are currently 6 types of Shields implemented in the game:

Crafted Shield[]

A crafted shield is different from the other types of shields in that you can attach spikes to it. It can also dock in your side pocket despite it's larger size, unlike the large shield which cannot be docked on your hip. Crafted shields can have many variations depending on what shield parts you choose to make and assemble. Spikes will fit on different parts of the crafted shield depending on it's shape. Generally, round pieces can have spikes on the front or back and flat pieces can have spikes around the edges.

To make a crafted shield you will need to make:

  • 1 shield handle
  • 1 shield middle
  • 2 shield sides
  • pointed arrow heads (optional)

These pieces can be made at the Carpentry Shop with wood, a hammer and chisel, as well as the appropriate recipe.

To Assemble[]

Hold the shield handle in one hand and a shield middle in another. Line them up until the indicator turns blue and let go of the shield middle (NOT the handle) to attach it. Then repeat the process with the shield sides, letting go of them once they are lined up. You can then add spikes in any configuration you like from the available attachment points, including crystal shards.