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Much like the Warrior, the Ranger focuses on combat. However, while the Warrior specializes in melee combat, Rangers wield the power of the Bows and Arrows to cause havoc from afar.


The Ranger's main focus is long range combat, but can also be thought of as a hunter. In previous versions of ATT, killing a Spriggull with a bow would cause it to drop more Meat than if slain by any other weapon, but this mechanic was changed during a later update. Rangers often prove invaluable to larger towns as a source of food to help keep the many players fed. In the future, Rangers may also be quite useful during boss battles, as they can quickly dish out high DPS to the boss while it is distracted by tanks. With lots of practice, Rangers can hone their archery skills to become a viable member of any group.


There are three types of Rangers , and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. The Ranger you become is determined by the skill points you acquire at the Archery Shrine. A Ranger may choose to unlock one or two gathering abilities in addition to their damage impacting abilities. It is not unusual for any Ranger to unlock a combination of skills from the different skill branches. The three types are:

  • Quick Shooter - no charge, increased speed/power
  • Sniper - 3-5 second charge, increased power
  • Multishot - 4-5 second charge, fire a volley of 2-3 arrows (requires one point in the Sniper path to unlock)

Other Roles[]

Many Rangers also practice fletching (the art of crafting arrows), as it would be quite uneconomical to hire someone to do it for you.


Other Professions[]