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There are ten different types of metals that can be used to make tools and weapons, and currency. Each has it's own characteristics that determine how it performs once smithed, as well as how difficult the smithing process is. With regards to the picture, the top row contains the basic metals: Copper, Iron, Gold, Silver and Mythril. The bottom row has the five alloys: Palladium, Red Iron, Electrum, Viridium and Valyan.

Basic Metals[]

These metals are all obtained by smelting down their respective ores at the Smithy. In order of rarity they are

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Mythril

Of the metals listed above, gold is unique in that it can be stamped into Coins using a Coin Press in the Town Hall, at a ratio of 5 coins for one ingot.


Metals and their appearance

Mixing metals together allows a Blacksmith to make better use of the five basic Ore that are found in the Mines. Typically, the durability, damage and heat retention (How hard it is to smith) of an alloy is related to one of the ingredient metals. For example, Red Iron combines the damage and heat retention of iron with the durability of copper for an overall improvement. For this reason, most players prefer using alloys over basic metals. All alloys, with the exception of Palladium, can be smelted out of either ore or Ingots, as detailed in the chart below. However, this results in slightly different ratios depending on which method you choose.

To create alloys on PCVR, you must complete the Combat Trials. The first Trial unlocks Iron alloys, the second unlocks Silver alloys, and the third unlocks Mythril alloys. As of now, the Quest version has access to make all alloys from the start.

Ore Material 1 Material 2 Result
Red Iron 4 Copper Ore 3 Iron Ore 1 Ingot
Palladium --- --- ---
Electrum* 3 Silver Ore 2 Gold Ore 1 Ingot
Viridium* 3 Gold Ore 2 Mythril Ore 1 Ingot
Valyan 6 Mythril Ore 4 Silver Ore 1 Ingot
Ingot Material 1 Material 2 Result
Red Iron* 1 Copper Ingot 1 Iron Ingot 1 Ingot
Palladium* 1 Red Iron Ingot 4 Silver Ore 1 Ingot
Electrum 1 Silver Ingot 1 Gold Ingot 1 Ingot
Viridium 1 Gold Ingot 1 Mythril Ingot 1 Ingot
Valyan* 2 Mythril Ingots 1 Silver Ingot 1 Ingot



Metals each have their own Damage multiplier. Through experimentation, it is suspected that all alloys do more damage than either of its ingredients. Furthermore, as of, it is suspected that relative damage ranking of the alloys and metals are as follows:

Gold(18.2%) < Copper(22.7%) < Iron(31.8%) < Palladium(50%) < Red Iron(50%) < Electrum(50%) < Viridium(59.1%) < Silver(68.2%) < Mythril(86.4%) < Valyan(100%)

These values are from player testing and should not be taken as exactly true. However, Effort was put in to try and obtain the best data. The percentiles following the name of the alloy or metal is the strength of the metal relative to Valyan. Although this data was created from a slashing type weapon, it is consistent with other types of damage.

As a result, the strongest tools and weapons (damage wise, not durability) are made from Valyan.

Detailed list of Damage (normal hits without any skills, buffs against certain enemies or Phantom guard):

0.25 = 1 bar Gold Copper Iron Red Iron Palladium Electrum Viridium Silver Mythril Valyan
Trailing Short Blade 0.08
Spear Short Blade 0.08
Dagger Short Blade 0.08
Spear Blade 0.08 0.24
Rapier 0.10 0.30
Primus Blade 0.10 0.30
Reaper 0.08
Scythe 0.10 0.29
Chisel Head 0.10 0.29
Pickaxe 0.04 0.04
Shovel 0.04
Sickle 0.10
Short Decorative Blade 0.03
Straight Decorative Blade 0.05
Bent Decorative Blade 0.05
Long Bent Decorative Blade 0.06
Craftsman's Hammer 0.04 0.11
Smithing Hammer 0.06
Battle Hammer 0.08 0.09
Great Hammer 0.16
Hatchet 0.07 0.25
Battle Axe 0.11 0.40
Headman Axe 0.10
Great Axe 0.22 0.39 0.67
Long Blade 0.13 0.41
Broad Blade 0.17 0.52
Great Blade 0.17 0.53
Long Arrow Head 0.05 0.12 0.15
Long Arrow Head on arrow 0.32 0.80 0.96
Sai 0.08
Wakizashi 0.10 0.30
Naginata 0.12 0.36
Katana 0.13 0.39


Metals each have a different durability that corresponds to how long a tool/weapon will last, so this is a major consideration for long-term use or heavy experience grinding. As of, Palladium has the best durability and Valyan has slightly above mid-ranged durability. We haven't collected the numbers, but the relative ranking for durability is:

Gold < Copper < Viridium < Iron < Silver < Electrum < Red Iron < Mythril < Valyan < Palladium 

(Ordering updated after dev chats, from an original community guess: Gold < Copper < Electrum < Viridium < Iron < Silver < Red Iron < Valyan < Mythril)

This impacts all Profession that require striking using Weapons or Tools.


Every Metal has a weight which dictates how heavy the tools made using that metal will make the player (more weight resulting in slower movement speed) . These tools (or the metal ingots themselves) can then be weighed using the Weight Gauge.

The metals from lightest to heaviest is:

Mythril < Copper < Iron < Red Iron/Palladium < Silver < Electrum < Viridium < Gold/Valyan

*When Electrum is worked, it is fairly heavy, Only the bars are lighter than Mythril.

Detailed list of weight:

Metal Picture Weight per 10 ingots
Copper Copper Ingot Weight.png 0.85 Bar
Iron Iron Ingot Weight.png 1 Bar
Gold Gold Ingot Weight.png 3 Bars
Silver Silver Ingot Weight.png 1.5 Bar
Mythril Mythril Ingot Weight.png 0.75 Bar
Red Iron Red Iron Ingot Weight.png 1.20 Bar
Electrum Electrum Ingot Weight.png 0.32 Bar*
Palladium Palladium Ingot Weight.png 1.25 Bar
Viridium Viridium Ingot Weight.png 1.75 Bar
Valyan Valyan Ingot Weight.png 3 Bars


Metals can mine up to 1 tier above their damage grade. Gold mines coal, sandstone, gold, and copper. Copper mines everything gold can, in addition to iron. Iron adds silver, and Silver can mine Mythril. The Rusty Pickaxe can mine coal, copper, and sand stone.

Alloys are more complex, but currently the list of materials that can mine Mythril are Silver, Palladium, Viridium, Mythril, and Valyan.


The rate at which a tool of a given Metal heats up in the forge.

Heat Retention[]

The rate at which a tool of a given Metal cools down when removed from the forge. This aspect of a Metal is directly related to how easy it is to forge a weapon. Tools with low heat retention cool quickly and require that players repeatedly place them into the Smithy to re-heat. Red iron has amazing heat retention and Valyan has the worst.

Metals Chart[]

Metal Type Damage Heating Cooling Durability Hardness Tier Weight
Copper Base 22.7% 4s 30s 2 2 2
Iron Base 31.8% 6s - 4 4 3
Gold Base 18.2% 5s - 1 1 9
Silver Base 68.2% 10s - 5 5 6
Mythril Base 86.4% 16s - 8 8 1
Palladium Alloy 50% 13s - 10 10 5
Red Iron Alloy 50% 20s - 7 7 4
Electrum Alloy 50% 40s - 6 6 7
Viridium Alloy 59.1% 15s - 3 3 8
Valyan Alloy 100% 1:40 - 9 9 10

Forging Times[]

Below is a table detailing the time it takes to forge a Greatsword of each metal type using a Red Iron Forging Hammer.

Warning: This data is not absolute, as there is always room for errors, so do not treat it as the guaranteed time it takes to forge an item.

Metal Time Taken
Copper 14 Seconds
Iron 24 Seconds
Gold 18 Seconds
Silver 33 Seconds
Mythril 1 Minute 18 Seconds
Red Iron 36 Seconds
Electrum 1 Minute 31 Seconds
Palladium 51 Seconds
Viridium 50 Seconds
Valyan 15 Minutes 46 Seconds


All alloys in the game were named by the community:

  • Red Iron named by: imAa#6616
  • Palladium named by: A mysterious friend/co-worker of Zerithax#4276
  • Electrum named by: Bear#0220
  • Viridium named by: o98#3673
  • Valyan named by: 𝓝𝓶𝓽105#1046 (Tcooper)

The alloy names from ATT's assets are: Evinon Steel (Valyan), Orchi (Viridium), Red Iron, White Gold (Electrum), and Carsi (Palladium). Steel and Bronze also exist in assets, but aren't yet smeltable as some ores aren't yet in-game (eg Tin).