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Armour and equipment has been removed from the game temporarily since update, and Armour will be re-added when armour crafting is added to the game. Cosmetic equipment has now moved to the Cosmetic Store[]

Equipment can be worn on different areas of the Player to gain resistances to certain damage types, such as physical, heat/fire or Wyrm Acid.


Currently, as of 0.14.1 Equipment cannot be crafted, and must instead be found as loot in Chests in the Mines, Dust Bowl or Wooded Valley.


There are 3 different types of Equipment , and 8 different slots on the Player with which Equipment can be worn:

Armour Slots
• Helmet
• Left/Right Pauldron
• Left/Right Gauntlet
• Chestplate
• Left/Right Faulds

Leather Armour[]

Leather Armour removes 3/5 of all incoming physical damage and greatly resists fire/heat.

Iron Armour[]

Iron Armour removes 1/2 of all incoming physical damage, but increases your susceptibility to heat/fire damage.

Wyrmscale Armour[]

Wyrmscale slightly reduces incoming physical damage (less even than leather), but greatly resists the ranged acid spewn from Wyrms.

Vanity Hats[]

There are plenty of Vanity Hats that can be encountered in the game as well. Note that all Vanity Hats

that are Leather

carry with them the same buffs/debuffs as Leather Armour .

Leather/Cloth Hats

Mushroom Caps