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Barrel Bag
Barrel Bag
Type Item

Barrel Bags are a specialized backpack that allow Cooks to better transport their Stews around, and feed the people of the Town.


Barrel Bags feature 10 volumes of Liquid only storage, meaning Cooks can carry around their Stews on their backs. The Barrel Bag can be attached by grabbing it and reaching behind the Player's back, then letting go of it. It can be retrieved from the Player's back by placing their hand behind their back and grabbing it.

The Barrel Bag also features a dedicated Ladle hook, so Cooks can get easy access to dish out their delicious Stew.


Barrel Bags can only be crafted using the Assembly Deck with it's respective recipe page and necessary materials.


The Barrel Bag requires 2 Metal Plates, 9 Wooden Wedges and 2 Metal Buckles. You are able to customize each piece in the steps below with a different material.

Assemblydeckrecipe barrelbag.png

The order of assembly is as follows:

  • Bottom base - 1 Wooden Wedge
  • Barrel walls - 8 Wooden Wedges
  • Outside Plating - 2 Metal Plates
  • Ladle Handle - 1 Metal Buckle
  • Handle - 1 Metal Buckle


The Barrel Bag is compatible with Backpack Attachments, and has two attachment slots.


Pre-Alpha Barrel Bag was added