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Archery Shrine
Archery Shrine
Type Shrine

The Archery Shrine contains Skills associated with the Ranger profession.

List of skills[]

Quick Shooter Path:[]

Quick Shooter Skills
Archeryquickshot1.png Stage 1: Currently increases the power and speed of an arrow slightly without holding and charging the arrow. Activated by drawing the bow until the arrow hits the bridge (Arrow Rest) and releasing quickly.
Archeryquickshot2.png Stage 2: Further increases power of arrow.
Archeryquickshot3.png Stage 3: Final stage, increases Quick shots speed and power to the max.

Ranger Gathering Skills:[]

Gathering Skills
Archerygathering1.png Stage 1: Allows the ranger the skills to quickly absorb a cluster of the chosen feather type. Have 2 or more of the item will create a Bag in your dock. By grabbing and shaking the bag will activate the skill, and tossing it towards the feather will absorb the items for easy pick up.
Archerygathering2.png Stage 2: Allows the ranger the skills to quickly absorb a group of chosen arrows laying about, or that were fired.

Sniper Path:[]

Sniper Skills
Archerysniper1.png Stage 1: Bullet - Activated by drawing the bow to its limit and holding the anchor for 3 seconds, creates a power arrow that will have heavy impact on target upon contact.
Archerysniper2.png Stage 2: Further increases damage done by bullet skill.
Archerysniper3.png Stage 3: Further increases damage done by bullet skill.
Archeryholyarrow.png Stage 4: Light Beam Increases the potency of power shot past stage 2, HOLDING TIME for activation: 5 seconds. After the 5 second mark, an arrow of light will appear to the left of the Ranger, releasing the draw will simultaneously fire both physical and Light Beam. Be careful who you shoot because this ability is absolutely lethal.

(Light Beam can also slightly illuminate the surrounding area.)

Caution: Main Arrow will Be destroyed upon impact from Light Beam explosion. Don’t bother going to retrieve it.

Multishot Path:[]

Multi-shot Skills
Archerymultishot1.png Stage 1: By activating a stage 1 power shot, a second charge will activate, in result a phantom arrow shall appear to the right of the archer. Once released, the power shot will fire with the phantom arrow not to far behind. HOLDING TIME for activation: 4 seconds.

(Phantom arrows seem to Home in on the point of impact of the physical arrow. Homing accuracy is dependent on the amount of space between target and ranger. The closer the ranger is to target, the less time phantom arrows have to Home in.)

Archerymultishot2.png Stage 2: After activation of the first phantom arrow, a second shall appear on the left side of the Ranger. Releasing the draw will fire all three simultaneously. HOLDING TIME for activation: 5 seconds.

(Spectral Arrows deal roughly 1/3 of the arrow's un-buffed damage)


To get to the archery shrine, go up the hill by the Town Hall where all the blueberry bushes are located. From there, go to the right at the top of the hill, to a small pond that goes through an opening into the mountain side. You will need to wade through the water, and from there the shrine should be easily located.

List of other shrines[]

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