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Advertisement was released on the 27th of April 2018 and was succeeded by

Changes[] provided the following major changes:

Full Patch Notes[]

  • Optimized rendering on distant characters.
  • Added new colours for clothing.
  • Completing customization mode now requires a lever pull to hopefully eliminate accidental completion of characters. (Will be more lenient in the future.)
  • Floating emblem removed from the top of player's equipment mode. (More Screenshot friendly displays.)
  • Rusty tools and weapons now respawn in Town.
  • Rusty Chisel added to the game.
  • Double-sided chisels now function.
  • Flint chiseling power buffed.
  • Stone chisel hammering power buffed.
  • Breakables (Pots and Boxes) can now be picked up with two hands.
  • Breakables can now be smashed if they collide with enough velocity.
  • Breakables found outside of town now respawn.
  • Wood genetically engineered to reduce wastage. (Timber blocks discarded while chiseling will return appropriate amount.)
  • Fixed issue where items held whilst disconnecting disappear. (We're working on you keeping them in your hands.)
  • Coffee is for the devs, not the birds! (Fixed animation issue with Spriggulls that made them act energetically.)
  • We didn't start the fire. (Greatly reduced instances of pages appearing completely black.)
  • Secret thing. You'll know what it is when you find it. (probably referring to either Lucy, or Ironclad.)

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