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Advertisement was released on the 20th of July, 2018 and was succeeded by

Changes[] provided the following changes:

  • Added vegetables to game.
  • Vegetables can be plucked from the ground.
  • Vegetables are stewing ingredients.
  • Added buffs into the game.
  • Buffs change various player attributes, experiment to discover them!
  • Added new recipes into the game.
  • Added garnish to the game, enhancing stewing effects.
  • Various adjustments to feed and healing values of ingredients in stews.
  • Lowered the height of tables near cooking stands.
  • Goteras now step rather than slide while prowling.
  • Goteras now have a vision cone! You can try to stealth past them if you've got nerves of steel.
  • Fixed issue with time not passing correctly, causing item, enemy and loot respawn issues.
  • Fixed issue where thrown items could be lost through cave floors, may still occur but should be drastically reduced.
  • Fixed issue where repair boxes would vanish, and bridges unmade.
  • Improved collision of stairs down to the mines.
  • Improved docking region for standing repair panel, should be easier to add things to it.
  • Fixed issue where standing repair panel tray didn't animate with the rest.

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